Roxanne Miller – Back To School

Back To School

Back To School

Summer's over and it was back to school for Roxanne Miller. The brunette bomber girl knows out pick out the right outfit to murderize the faculty and her classmates. All eyes will be on her this semester as she strolls across the campus everyday on her way to her courses, her 36GG tits bouncing as she walks.

Roxanne studies media and communications, speaks four languages, writes poetry and fiction and works in radio as a DJ. She is well-rounded in every way and we mean every way! A guy needs good steering skills to handle those curves

As soon as Roxanne gets home, she needs some relief from the pressures of higher education before she tackles her work load. And this is how she does it. Roxanne knows her body and how to finger-dance her way to nirvana. This is the best kind of desktop. Now on to Roxanne's reading and essay writing!

The pictures from this SCORELAND video are just as educational.

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