Ines Cudna – A Day In Spain

A Day In Spain

A Day In Spain

This is a massive photo set taken in Spain during a break in the shooting of Ines' multi-babe movie, "On Location Costa Del Sol." Every inch the stunner, Ines is 10 times more beautiful than most of the so-called biggest female names in mainstream movies. We're lucky that Tom Cruise never met her! The pictorial culminates with a dip in the pool and an outdoor shower. Now get jacking!

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Peyton Thomas – Tits & Tees

Tits & Tees

Tits & Tees

Peyton Thomas is only 18 years old. Think about that for a few seconds. They don't cum any fresher, boys.

Pretty Peyton put on a white crop-top, white panties and stacked red heels and walked into the garage. Meanwhile, our oil cannon was getting filled, ready to squirt Peyton when she backed up against the wall. They let her have it until she was nice and wet and dripping with the slick. The Coast Guard offered to help with the oil slick but we told them everything was chest fine.

Now soaked, the sexy brunette rubs the oil in and gives us a major boob show. Peyton's mindblowing boobs are huge beyond belief. She buys 40N bras! That's twice as big as a man's head. A guy could spend many enjoyable hours with his face and cock inside her cleavage.

Peyton rips her now-drenched crop-top and takes it off. The sight of her massive naked hooters should have die-hard breast men ready to weep tears of joy that she decided to join the XL Girls team.

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Sofie Style – Bra-busting In Style

Bra-busting In Style

Bra-busting In Style

This very attractive redhead is Sofie Style, a new model discovered by the same SCORE Man who discovered Barbara Angel, Lola Hot and many others.

"When I go out, I wear everything tight, showing a lot of my cleavage. It has to be tight. This way, all the men are looking at me and I love that. I love the attention."

So says newcomer Sofie (August '15 Voluptuous magazine).

"Most of the time I wear a sports bra that in U.S. size is about 34DDD. In European size that is an 85G. Triumph fits me best and I love how my boobs look wearing their bras."

Sofie took to modeling very quickly. She climbs onto the bed in this scene, slowly undressing to full nudity and running her hands all over her sexy body. Her big, full, natural boobs splay when she lies on her back. She pinches her nipples and shakes them as the camera moves in close. Sofie's fingers play a hot tune on her pink squeeze box. That's music to our ears.

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Mommy Takes a Squirt – Adriana Chechik & Veronica Avluv

Adriana Chechik is in desperate need to masturbate so, as she always does, she looks online for lesbian squirting. She has been mesmerized by squirting for a few years now, but still doesn't know for sure whether it's even real! Spreading her legs wide on the computer table, she rubs her pussy through her sexy pink laced underwear. The more she watches the screen the harder she will cum. Her masturbation is interrupted as Veronica Avluv comes home from shopping. Afraid of getting caught, Adriana quickly closes her laptop and runs for the living room. Veronica, frustrated she forgot to buy onions for their supper, goes to check online for an alternative recipe. Veronica opens the laptop and immediately sees was her stepdaughter was up to. Veronica explains to Adriana that she needs to admit what she's been looking and to not sneak behind her back.

Adriana confides in her mother, wanting to know the truth if the squirting was real or not. Assuring her, Veronica tells her that it's very real, and very pleasurable. With the experience and knowledge Veronica has, teaching her daughter how to squirt is natural and part of her responsibilities as a mother. Veronica goes into great detail about how a woman's body works, and the most important aspect is to know what happens inside. Adriana is so fascinated with all this new information, she almost begs her mom to show her how to squirt.

Veronica takes full charge over her daughter's body. Sucking her lips, pushing her breasts together and licking them. She presses her thumbs down Adriana's throat and uses her saliva to wet her sweet pussy. Her mother grabs a hold of her pussy lips with dominance slowly moving down to her clitoris arousing Adriana even more. Adriana rubs her pussy vigorously, moaning harder and harder she inserts her fingers into her vagina pushing harder for her firstever squirt. Veronica pushes her finger deep inside Adriana's hole making her juices flow like a faucet. The feeling is overwhelming as her mother squeezes her pussy and spreads her daughter's lips. The more fingers Veronica inserts, the harder Adriana squirts. They take things to the maximum level where Veronica puts her entire fist inside Adriana. Her adrenaline is overbearing. Adriana is so excited, she throws her step mother on the couch and spreads her mother's legs fingering and fisting her so hard and deep, her cum is flying everywhere. This lesbian experience coated them both with a shower of squirt appearing as a transparent silk dress. Adriana is likely to see her Veronica again for more help on what she wants to learn next no doubt!