Only Tease – Uma

Only Tease Uma

Boys, meet the lovely Uma, a redhead bombshell with a sexy body. Today, we have Uma in a sexy red evening dress and black stockings. It looks like she just got back from a night on the town, or maybe an early holiday party. This cutie teases out of her dress and reveals her erotic pink lingerie undneath. Personally, there is something about this redhead that I love, I hope you guys feel the same way.

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I have to run now, but I will see you tomorrow. I can’t believe the weekend is almost over already.

Denise Day – Story of a creampie

Story of a creampie

Story of a creampie

"I'm so glad I met you online," Denise Day tells Juan at the start of this scene.

"I want to see these fuckin' tits," Juan tells her, turning on the charm as she gropes his cock and he grabs her ass.

"I want your hot cum all over me," Denise says.

This is how all of the great romances have begun: with an Internet hookup and the lady and gentleman fucking like wild rabbits.

Actually, Denise doesn't need romance, at least not from a porn stud. She's a 52-year-old wife and mom from South Carolina who swings when she wants fresh meat.

"I've been a swinger for 10 years now," skinny but big-titted Denise said. "My first time, I had sex with three couples. My husband loved watching me get fucked by some big studs. Wow!"

Wow, indeed. Denise says she has sex every day. She likes white cocks, black cocks, Latin cocks, all kinds of cocks. She says she likes a man who "knows how to eat my pussy just right, fills me with his big, thick cock, fucks me hard and then shoots his load all over my tits and face."

Sorry, Denise. Here, Juan cums in your pussy. And Denise spreads her just-used pink cunt wide for all the world to see. Romance!

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Layla Mynxxx – Interview With An Asian

Interview With An Asian

Interview With An Asian

Here are a couple of things you should know about Layla: She's never had a guy get her off. That's not too surprising. She's only had three partners. She's brand-new to modeling. In fact, this is her very first shoot. She's conflicted about it, too. As she fingered her smooth pussy on-camera, she told us how nervous she is because of her strict Asian parents' high moral standards and judgment. We know all of these things because we interviewed her while she was in our studio.

Layla is self-conscious about her deliciously dark pussy lips, too. We've written about this phenomenon in Naughty Neighbors, so we know that dark lips just show that her pussy is getting extra blood flow because she's horny! Do you want another sure-fire sign that she's a raunchy girl? Check out that sweet pussy cream starting to form in her cooch. That natural lube really started flowing once her fingers got to work.

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Lavina Dream – Dream Girl

Dream Girl

Dream Girl

Here's a beauty who brings out the tit-lover in any red-blooded man. Proudly showing her extreme curves in a very tight, green one-piece dress, Lavina Dream has a bunch of bras on her bed and she wants to try them on for you. Lavina brought them all the way from home just to model them.

Trying on each bra, Lavina sucks on her nipples and shakes her massive, gorgeous knock-knocks hands-free. With her bright pink bra dropped below her tits, Lavina proves she enjoys hard wood by wrapping her hooters around her bed post and squeezing them together.

"Do you like this?" Lavina asks in her Romanian-accented English (she sounds exactly like fellow Romanian superstar Arianna Sinn). What's not to love?

Some girls get horny with a camera trained on them and Lavina is one of them. She ends her bra try-ons and gets on the bed to spank her sexy clit and pussy. While Lavina's getting her O-face on, she continues to deeply sink her fingers into her heavy, fully-packed breast-meat and suck on her nipples.

Like American XL Girl Sarah Rae, Lavina is very oral when it comes to her own nipples. The girl can't keep her mouth off her perky pointers. She should wear bras with holes cut into them where the nipples meet so she can grab the occasional suck when she goes out.

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Demmi Valentine – Tool Time Teaser

Tool Time Teaser

Tool Time Teaser

Enough of sending jobs overseas. Bring manufacturing back to America so busty Americans can get jobs again. They can dress like tool-time girl Demmi Valentine and bend over a lot. Demmi and girls like her know how to fix America's broken shafts, pistons and rods. Demmi can really fix your wagon.

"If I dress sexy, I get a lot of whistles and guys calling out to me," Demmi says, giggling. "Construction workers, drivers. I like it. Of course, I want them to be nice and flirty. I don't want anyone following me [giggles]"

"One of my fantasies is about guys in uniforms. I think I want to be with a police officer just because they're so serious and he'd give it to me real hard."

You know that Demmi can bust a cop in her own special way.

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