Michaela O’Brilliant – Anal Advocate

Anal Advocate

Anal Advocate

Michaela is ready for George when he shows up wearing just a towel around his waist. She's dressed for sex in a hot corset that shows off her big, pierced tits plus some sexy stockings. She rubs his cock through the towel and finds out that he's already hard. So what does she do? She takes his cock out. And he fucks her face. And she rubs his balls against her big tits. And we're just getting started. Before long, George is eating her pierced pussy, then he's fucking it, then he's fucking her ass.

Nice, encore, Michaela.

Michaela is 58 years old. She's from Germany. She enjoys playing the piano, bicycling and working out. She likes to wear clothes that show off her tits and mini skirts that show off her shapely legs and big ass. She told us, "I was told that I give fantastic blow jobs." George agreed. She likes romantic dates.

"Nothing wild," she said. "The wild part comes later."

Yeah, it does. Michaela has sex three times a day. She loves anal sex.

"I enjoy it and do it often," she said. "I have been having anal sex for many years now, so I'm used to it. I was the first one of all my friends to advocate it. They were scared at the time."

Scared of cock in her ass? Not Michaela. That's the wild part.

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Anna Beck – Top of the Titters

Top of the Titters

Top of the Titters

No one heats up a room like this curvy and super-stacked natural. Anna Beck is so hot, she could melt the ice caps. She's sex on a stick and there are few things we wouldn't do if it would guarantee that stick were our fully erect dicks. Our favorite fair-skinned M-cupper is warming up a restroom today, and watching her caress her tits as her latest scene opens has us so hot, you can see steam clouds blowing out of our ears. This hot mama's got huge mams and we can't get enough of her.

While fondling her natural blessings, she pours a glass of milk into a bowl. Milk does a body good as they say, so a body like Anna's is just getting a whole lot better. She dips her fleshy naturals into the cold milk and her nipples instantly get erect. All this boob play has Anna feeling very horny, so she takes a seat and pulls out her favorite toy: a blue dildo. She places it between her tits like a real cock and tit-fucks it while licking the head. Then Anna gets up and takes a seat on the counter, giving us a perfect view of her cunt and boobs as she fucks herself with the rubber cock while playing with her boobs. Anna pushes herself to another orgasm. Ms. Sex On a Stick never looks hotter than when she has a cock--real or otherwise--inside of her.

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Casey Deluxe – Hot Tub Bikini Hottie

Hot Tub Bikini Hottie

 Hot Tub Bikini Hottie

Casey Deluxe (February '15 SCORE) knows exactly how to unwind and relax and that's in the hot tub of a swanky spa. And that's where SCORE took Casey so she could indulge as the camera rolled.

Casey tells us that she gets quite a bit of attention, and she likes it, but that many guys are too shy to go over and talk to her when they see her. "Men always ask me if my breasts are real," says Casey. "I tell them, 'Yes, they are.'"

Even though she doesn't workout and doesn't watch or play sports, she stays in sexy shape, which proves that naked modeling is a healthy activity for women.

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Only Tease – Carole And Hayley Marie

Only Tease Carole and Hayley Marie

Check out today’s feature set from Only Tease, the sultry brunette Carole and the busty blonde Hayley Marie. This might be one of the steamiest photo sets featured at Only Tease recently. This is definitely one of those sets that will attract your attention right away.

Carole and Hayley Marie are wearing sexy Oriental outfits or really it looks like they’re helping each other out of their outfits. The busty babes have left their bras at home and underneath their clothes they’re only wearing sheer black pantyhose and white thongs. Things get even more interesting when they start rolling around the couch only in their pantyhose and thongs.

The only place to see all of the naughty photos from Haley Marie’s and Carole’s photo shoot is at Only Tease. Only Tease features nothing but beautiful babes like Carole and Hayley Marie in sexy outfits including uniforms, lingerie and erotic leg wear. And that’s just the beginning of the naughty fun at Only Tease.

Gianna Rossi – Pounding The Pledges Part 3

Pounding The Pledges Part 3

Pounding The Pledges Part 3

Pledge week continues at Omega Boobs. While Gianna is messing around with the campus stud at the sorority house, big-titted Tera comes over and interrupts their smooshing.

Gianna tells him to leave so she can speak chick-to-chick to Tera. Tera feels a lack of self-confidence and thinks the other pledges are more advanced than she is. Gianna decides to build up Tera's confidence by teaching her all about sex.

She calls back her BMOC and they team up to teach Tera a lesson in cock sucking, dirty talking, tit-wanking and fucking. By the time they have finished their sex ed course, Tera is skilled at satisfying the cock and having orgasms. Another pledge problem solved!

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